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Travel Medical Insurance Webinar - March 22 at 1PM CENTRAL TIME

March 22, 2019
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
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As a new BHINI value added (as discussed at the recent Arizona meeting), we thought we would beta test “training sessions” from members for staff members on network products! Knowing that the owners attend the meetings-but we miss the marketers (the people that actually present the products to the brokers), we thought we would start a new series targeted towards helping train your marketers on network products! It should be redundant for the most seasoned reps, but it could be informative for those that do not work with the products every day to expand awareness and ultimately sales!

Join Blair Farwell and Linda Medrano on Friday, March 22nd, at 1:00pm CENTRAL TIME as they present a webinar illustrating the needs and benefits of travel insurance. Spring break travel season is upon us-and summer breaks are just around the corner so we will illustrate the shortfalls of most domestic plans (including Medicare) while traveling internationally. We will show how you can assist your clients by obtaining Patriot Travel Medical Insurance® from IMG for their international travel thereby protecting themselves from catastrophic medical events.


  • Easy to sell - the entire process (quoting, enrollment, fulfillment)
  • Individual and Group plans
  • Wide selection of deductible/benefit options
  • Wide range of benefits including emergency evacuation, repatriation, ADD and more
  • Introduction of the digital marketing platforms available to contracted agents


Friday, March 22, 2019        1:00pm to 2:00pm – CENTRAL TIME


Meet Our Presenters:

Blair Farwell, RHU, REBC is the President of Resource Brokerage, LLC   has 20+ years of wholesaling experience. Blair leads a team of 30+ highly trained, highly educated professionals divided into Market Verticals providing services in: Individual Major Medical (and ancillaries), Medicare Supplement, MAPD, Part D Group Benefits,and Individual Life, Disability, LTC and Linked Benefit products. Contact Blair

Linda Medrano, RHU, REBC is the manager of Resource Brokerage, LLC’s Individual Health, Med Supp, MAPD/PDP Divisions. She is the team lead of six people that focus on these market segments. Linda has been with Resource Brokerage for 19 years and is on the senior management staff. Linda brings a wealth of knowledge regarding legislation and product positioning in both market segments positioning products holistically to maximize coverage.  Contact Linda